Komisia J. Williama Fulbrighta

The J. W. Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange in the Slovak Republic has been established by executive agreements between the United States and the Slovak Republic (319/94 Zz., 320/94 Zz., 198/05 Zz.), to promote the educational, research and cultural exchanges between the United States and the Slovak Republic through the Fulbright Program.


The Commission is an autonomous, non-profit, non-partisan, bi-national institution. Eight members, four Slovak and four U.S. citizens, make up the  Board of the Commission that is the governing body of the Fulbright Program in the Slovak Republic. These members, who represent academia, business, diplomatic and professional fields, are appointed by the U.S. Ambassador to Slovak Republic and the Slovak Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport who are the Honorary Chairmen of the Board.


The mandate of the Commission is explicit: to identify the best candidates in each country and engage them in reciprocal exchanges within the highest standards of the Fulbright Program. The Commission strives to develop and increase expertise in fields in which lecturing is provided and research is conducted in both countries, to identify new fields in which mutual co-operation is desirable to further enhance that particular field, to extend activities by establishing cost sharing programs with participating institutions, to promote intercultural and interethnic understanding, and to provide information about study and research opportunities in the U. S. A.


In addition to the Fulbright Program's administration, the Fulbright Commission is the leader in the Slovak Republic in providing comprehensive, reliable and qualified information about studies in the U.S.A. through its Educational Advising Center. This center  belongs to the worldwide educational advising network of the U.S. Department of State called EducationUSA.


The operation of the Commission is jointly funded by the governments of the United States and the Slovak Republic. The U.S. government contributes about 65 percent of the budget with the Slovak Government contributing about 35 percent.


Thanks to the Program, since 1994 about 320 Slovak awardees have had the opportunity to study, teach or conduct research in the United States and nearly 350 American students, scholars, and professionals have been awarded Fulbright grants in a variety of academic fields.


Program Report AY 2018 - 2019


The Fulbright Commission operates in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is aimed at protecting the personal information of individuals who are data subjects in the European Union or whose personal data is processed by a European Union organization.