Programy institucie

The Fulbright Scholar–in-Residency Program  (S-I-R) assists U.S. higher education institutions in expanding programs of academic exchange. By supporting non-U.S. scholars through grants for teaching at institutions that might not have a strong international component, both the U.S. institution and the scholar grantee benefit.



The Fulbright European Union Scholar-in-Residence Program  is a subset of the S-I-R Program that focuses specifically on strengthening expertise in European Union affairs by bringing scholars and professionals from the European Union to U.S. campuses.


A portion of the Fulbright Program, is a Congressional appropriation to the United States Department of Education for the Fulbright-Hays Program. These grants are awarded to individual U.S. K-14 pre-teachers, teachers and administrators, pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral faculty, as well as to U.S. institutions and organizations. Funding supports research and training efforts overseas, which focus on non-Western foreign languages and area studies.