• The essence of intercultural education is the ability to see
    the world as others see it, and to allow for the possibility that
    others may see something we have failed to see, or may see
    it more accurately.

    Senator J. W. Fulbright


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  • Having completed my stated Fulbright goals, and others unforeseen,
    I can say that I am leaving Slovakia with very positive
    feelings about the program.

    Cristina Caro, Artist
    Fulbright Fellow 2011 – 2012


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  • To run my very first marathon
    in Bratislava with an elite group
    of runners in Slovakia along the Danube
    and through the busiest and oldest streets
    in the city, while being continually
    cheered on by friendly and excited
    spectators, was a unique experience
    that I will remember forever.

    Elizabeth Romanoff Silva, Research Student
    Fulbright Fellow 2012-2013

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  • We must try to expand the boundaries of human wisdom,
    empathy and perception, and there is no way of doing
    that except through education.

    Senator J. W. Fulbright

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